21 December 2012

Intel and the Big Search Box

I was recently researching new ultrabooks and visited the Intel site for some insight on current processors.  When I arrived, I was  a bit shocked at what I saw…

Intel Home Page

Source: Intel.COM

Waiting for me  was not the typical corporate web site, with menu-based navigation (at least not immediately apparent).  Rather, Intel was presenting, dare I say, a very "Google" like approach – enter a keyword-based query to find what you want. 

I found the whole experience a bit off-putting.  I don't generally recommend our clients lead with a search-based content findability approach. In fact, I've argued against even making search a primary content findability technique.

If anyone has insight on this approach (e.g. real analytics supporting this experience strategy over more traditional IA), I'd love to hear about it.

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