06 March 2012

[Good] Communication is Key

Every now and again, a really fantastic opportunity to illustrate a best practice just falls in your lap.  The opportunity, just as occasionally, presents itself through inspiration found in the most surprising places.  In my case, I found this communication example in the men’s room at a client: 


This sign provides an excellent template to use when communicating with your audience: 

  • It starts by presenting the message at the time when the recipient is engaging in a related behavior
  • The messaging points out a very specific feature of the tool being used
  • A statement of community support for that feature is provided
  • An aspirational goal is included to (through implication) encourage a specific, future behavior
  • All of this is followed by a polite.. thank you!

Ignoring the specific subject matter involved in this message, this could easily serve as a model for feature-obsessed technologists and enthusiastic Intranet managers on how to encourage intranet or technology adoption.

What do you think?


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