03 December 2007

SharePoint Service Pack (SP) 1

If you haven't seen it, Microsoft recently released some information on the upcoming service pack 1 for SharePoint (both WSS and MOSS).  This new service pack not only includes a number of hot fixes for both platforms, but introduces some new functionality.   In addition to Server 2008 support, Microsoft is now officially supporting AJAX-enabled web parts.  They've also included some new STSADM commands (and who doesn't like STSADM).

Unfortunately, Microsoft has only really stated that it will be released by 2008.  Recently, Arpan Shah posted in his blog that the service pack could be released "anytime between now and Q1 of 2008."  So, for those of you waiting for your issue to be corrected or some of the new features, you now have a potentially four month window to sit patiently...

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